About me

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer with a skill set that combines visual design, technical and business expertise, as well as leading people. I am passionate about the complete design process, from user research to the final product with a strong interest in human behavior. I am proficient in the industry-standard design tools and thrive in a communicative, collaborative environment. 

After working 8 years in Advertising in Australia, I joined a global Tech Company based in Berlin as Head of Design to shape the company's product and visual identity. Over the course of 6 years, I developed the in-house Design Team across 9 cities and 7 time zones, which gave me the unique opportunity to tackle challenges such as maintaining transparency, alignment, speed, and consistency across all design deliverables. In the process, I discovered the Design-Thinking methodology and the importance of a user-centric approach, which sparked my desire to deepen my knowledge and pursue a career in UX.